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As we know that the crypto-currency has taken over the world. The traditional banking system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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The advantage is that your money is safe and the main disadvantage is the delays in payment processing and various hurdles in fast payment transfers. When you talk about international transfers, it takes days to conclude such a transaction.

Easy to Use

The platform is designed in such a way that it has one of the easiest interfaces among the well-known crypto exchanges.

All the details are mentioned transparently and the funds adding and withdrawal is processed at regular speed, keeping the customers informed regularly.

Transparent Transaction Fees

At the launch, we are not charging any fee to the customer for currency conversion on our platform.

No charges are deducted from the customer at the time of funds adding or withdrawal from the platform.

Exchange Working

We have made it very simple for the user.

Any person can create an account on the platform, however, he must submit his valid documents before he can do any transaction. The Government of India has recently lifted a ban on cryptocurrency, still we maintain all the records of the customers to make sure there is no illegal activity on the platform.

Once the user registers for the account, the account is created in seconds.

Users can add funds to his wallet using various options.

The user is allocated INRT equal to the amount added by him in INR

This INRT amount can be used to trade on the exchange or convert the currency to any of the available currencies on the exchange.


The vision behind starting the INRToken.io and INRT as a new currency token is that we want to serve the medical and healthcare industry with this taken. People who are hospitalized or need emergency care anywhere in the world can pay using this currency so that there is no delay in getting healthcare.

Similarly, we believe that this currency will enable the transaction in the real estate industry where low level workers may not have regular bank accounts available with them.

Don’t be bound by the location Take full advantage of INRT and SWIFT Payments

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